Photo credit: Mercedes-Benz Magazine

Hi. I’m Sarah Brin. I specialize in building infrastructure for bringing unprecedented creative technology experiences to life. I’m a native Californian, and i currently live in London.

Previously, you might have seen my work growing business development for the immersive experience company Meow Wolf, directing public programs and the art residency at Autodesk, or guiding an EU design research grant focused on expanding museums’ design and technical capacities. I’m keeping an eye out for my next full-time role.

I have a hybrid background that spans sectors, including arts and culture organizations, Fortune 500 companies, governments, and academia. The common thread? Organizational change; I’m excited about developing new systems for creating and appreciating groundbreaking creative technology, and translating that to fiscal growth.

You might’ve seen work I’ve done for British Council JapanSFMOMAMOCA, the Hammer Museum826LA, the Finnish National Opera and Ballet, and many other organizations around the world.  Some of my favorite projects include curating the largest art exhibition in outer space, and a set of musical traffic lights for humans, but those are just a couple. You might notice that playfulness, accessibility, and popular media are common themes in my work.

Here’s my CV. If you’d like invite me to do a talk or come work with you, please contact Kayla Svensson. You can receive infrequent updates on my projects by signing up here. You can also find me on LinkedIn or Twitter.