Parliamentary Committee: Influencer Culture

Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee session in an inquiry to examine the growth of influencer culture.

Ikea x Dreams

A series of creative Twitch streams exploring the future of gaming.

Videogaming and the Arts

Videogaming and the Arts.

Toronto Raptors/Maple Leafs x Dreams

Play has no limits.

John Lewis Digital Holiday Ad

Teaming up with Yahoo! and John Lewis to create a shoppable, interactive holiday ad.

Brand New Planet x Dr. Brian Cox

A game jam and stream in collaboration with the BBC and Dr. Brian Cox's series "Universe."

Aardman’s Burgerotti

An interactive singing hamburger, by the creators of Wallace and Gromit.

London Fashion Week x Dreams

A new universe for digital fashion creators.

League of American Orchestras Conference

A month-long online conference for orchestra leaders and musicians.

Rolls Royce Dream Commission

The Rolls Royce Dream Commission, in partnership with The Serpentine and Fundacion Beyeler.

Meow Wolf Outside

An alternative reality game where players uncover mysteries by exploring public spaces.

The Toilet of the Future – Gray Area Festival 2019

The Toilet of the Future is a talk about immersive design, the future, and bathrooms.

Create@Brandeis Living Room Fest

When COVID-19 threatened to disrupt Brandeis' Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts, I helped them pivot to digital.

The Digital Futures of Museums

I co-authored a chapter in "The Digital Future of Museums" with Adriel Luis of the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center.

Art Museums as Spaces of Digital Play – SXSW

A SXSW panel with SFMOMA and frog Design about playful museum technology.

Reimagining the Cinema Experience – SXSW

A SXSW panel hosted by Swissnex about the future of storytelling.

Meow Wolf Interactive

I led business development and strategic partnerships for Meow Wolf's Interactive division.

Digital Economies Lab

The Digital Economies Lab was a research project focused on new economic models and tools for artists working with technology.


GIFT is an EU-funded research project in which I led a consortium of 10 international museums in an 18-month design-research p

The PlaySFMOMA Mixed Reality Game Jam

In November 2016, I worked with SFMOMA and Google to organize and host a two-weekend Augmented Reality (AR) game jam.

Creative Producers International

In 2017, I received a 3 year fellowship, granted by Watershed and Playable City.

PlaySFMOMA Mixed Reality Pop-Up Arcade

In March of 2017, I worked with SFMOMA to develop a day-long “blended reality” pop-up arcade.


GIFT is an EU-funded research project focused on developing playful experiences connecting visitors to exhibition content.

Pier 9 Artists in Residence Program

Curating art made with 3D-printers, robot arms, waterjet-cutters and much more.


PlaySFMOMA is an initiative that encourages the development of avant-garde and experimental games.

Unhanded Symposium: Making Under the Influence of Digitalism

What happens when physical and digital tools, practices, and worlds collide?

The Market Street Prototyping Festival

A series of musical traffic lights for humans.

Making/Meaning in the Realm of Anti-Disciplinarity

I was invited to Geneva to speak about my disciplinary problems.

The Experimental Research Lab

I co-founded and lab-managed the Experimental Research Lab (ERL) at Autodesk’s Pier 9 Workshop.

Ignite Talk @ EYEO

A short and sweet lightning talk about curating artworks made with digital technologies.

BART Gallery

BART Gallery was a completely unofficial exhibition that Coby Unger and I staged on a subway car during rush hour.

Art in Space

I curated the largest art exhibition ever sent to outer space.

Art in Videogames for MOCAtv

I worked with MOCAtv to curate a series about the overlaps and intersections between contemporary art and videogames.

Autodesk X Summit 2015

I spoke to Autodesk UX designers about some of my work with the Pier 9 Creative Programs Team.

Take It or Leave It: Question & Connect Guide

A kids-and-families guide for understanding Institutional Critique.

Punk Arcade x Vector Fest at OCAD

Lee Tusman and I brought our traveling exhibition Punk Arcade to the Vector Festival in Toronto.


Freelance writing on art and technology.


Over the course of 3 days, I worked with UCLA students to create 9 games, 1 zine, and an outrageous exhibition. 

Horizon at MOCA

An E3 press conference and exhibition for beautiful games.

Ahhhcade at SFMOMA

Ahhhcade: Relaxing games at SFMOMA.

Who Led the Horse to Ebooks?

I interviewed an artist who had been pretending to be a robot for over a year.

Game Room

A catalogue essay for the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles.

PUNK ARCADE at Little Berlin

Punk Arcade is an exhibition I co-curated with Philadelphia-based artist and curator Lee Tusman.

Dr. Scribb’s Fantastical Card Combinatorium

Dr. Scribb’s Fantastical Card Combinatorium is a collaborative writing game.

PEN in the Classroom

I made a book with tenth graders about art and everyday life.

Sports! at ZERO1

Sports! is an arcade cabinet I curated for the Zero1 Biennial in San Jose.

The Utopian Kindness Project (Dymaxion Village) at SFMOMA

SFMOMA invited me to create an installation experience inspired by Buckminster Fuller.

Artists’ Game Mods and the New Public Sphere

Artists’ game mods, activist art, and interventions in public space.

USC – Hybrid High’s i4

I worked with No Mimes Media to produce an Alternative Reality Game about STEAM. 


GlitchLab was a migratory organization for participatory new media, with an emphasis on artist-made and experimental games.

New Projects Up

Hello! I’ve loaded a few things onto the Projects page. Not everything’s up yet, but give it a look!


Secret City is an Alternative Reality Game I designed with UCLA’s Community Scholars Program.


An anarchist marching band, concerts on a carousel, and a musical pirate encampment.


An exhibition about art and economies.

Speak, Memory

Speak, Memory is a synaesthetic writing workshop for kids ages 8-12.

Spinning Wave: Works by Dafna Gilboa and Hilda Merom

I curated Spinning Wave: Works by Dafna Gilboa and Hilda Merom as part of my directorship at the USC Hillel Art Gallery.

Terraforms: Game Mods at Babycastles

An exhibition of artists’ game mods in New York.

Re:View – A Student Tribute to Selma Holo

Re:View was a portraiture show honoring Dr. Selma Holo, the Director of the Fisher at Museum at USC.

Nice to Meet You: Over

Nice to Meet You: Over was a show about technology, communication, and social awkwardness.

Manifesto! A Participatory Performance Project at LACE

A kids’ writing workshop culminating with bullhorns on Hollywood Boulevard.


Psychogeography! is a workshop for kids ages 8-12, based on the work of Guy Debord and the Situationist International.


Hello, friends! Please stand by while I transfer domains. Perhaps in the meantime, you’d like to see my Tumblr?


I worked as the Programming Coordinator for the Velaslavasay Panorama from August 2009 through November 2010.

Curating Videogame Culture

I gave this talk at the 2014 Game Developers Conference.

826LA Workshops

Weird writing workshops for kids.