Unhanded Symposium: Making Under the Influence of Digitalism

Here’s a panel chat with me, Greg J. Smith and James Hayes at the Unhanded symposium, which took place in Ottawa in September of 2016. We’re talking about what happens when physical and digital tools, practices, and worlds collide. You can watch the discussion here.

Making/Meaning in the Realm of Anti-Disciplinarity

In February 2016, I was invited to speak at the Lift Conference in Geneva as part of a panel titled Enter the Antisciplinary Space. Here’s my talk, and you can check out the other presentations, too.

Ignite Talk @ EYEO

I gave an Ignite talk at 2015’s Eyeo conference. It’s about how new kinds of art-making deserve new kinds of conversations and new ways to share. In this talk, I share some best practices for cultivating public engagement and building context around artworks made with technology. Check it out here.

Autodesk X Summit 2015

Here’s a quick, 10 minute talk delivered to Autodesk UX designers about some of my work with the Pier 9 Creative Programs Team. Watch it here.

For more information about Pier 9 Workshop visit autodesk.com/pier9.

Curating Videogame Culture

This was my talk for a series of microtalks at the 2014 Game Developers Conference titled “Curating Video Game Culture: The New Wave of Video Game Events.” You can find a recorded version here.