An anarchist marching band, concerts on a carousel, and a musical pirate encampment.

As part of my graduate internship with Machine Project, I project-managed Machine’s three installations at Glow, an all-night cultural experience that re-imagines Santa Monica Beach as a playground for thoughtful and participatory artworks.

Working with curators Chris Kallmyer, Emily Lacy, and Laura Steenberge, I facilitated the planning and execution of Nautical Music Encampment, Carousel Concerts, and Wandering Musicians: Killsonic for the 2010 iteration of Glow.

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Laura Steenberge and Heather Lockie performing at the Nautical Music Encampment. (Photo Credit: Glow)
Accordion Orchestra performing at Carousel Concerts (Photo Credit: Glow)
Killsonic, a 25-piece punk-jazz ensemble, roaming around Glow as part of Wandering Musicians. (Photo Credit: Glow)

NEOTROPE by Daniel Corral at GLOW 2010 from Daniel Corral on Vimeo.

Late Night Sea Shanty from superbunker on Vimeo.

Rime of the Ancient Mariner from superbunker on Vimeo. (See if you can find me on the carousel!)