Pier 9 Artists in Residence Program

Curating art made with 3D-printers, robot arms, waterjet-cutters and much more.

While working as the in-house curator at the Autodesk Pier 9 Workshop, I collaborated with over 100 artists, designers, and other creatives to bring unprecedented digital fabrication projects to life.

As the workshop’s Public Programs Manager, my role included regular studio visits with the artists in residence, curating and leading the operations teams for the Pier’s seasonal art exhibitions, and partnering with internal and external organizations to communicate Autodesk’s mission to inspire users to “Imagine, Design and Create.” You can see me speak about that in a video here.

I’m a firm believer in artist residency programs in companies and research organizations. Facebook, Spotify, CERN, and a bunch of other organizations have fruitful artist partnerships. Not only are these residencies useful R&D for companies seeking to test and push the capacities and applications of their products; they’re also extremely valuable tools for making abstract technologies or concepts legible  to members of the public. If you’re interested in knowing more about what it takes to set up an artist residency program at your company or organization, get in touch.

Here are some images of some of the incredible projects produced while I worked with the Pier 9 residency:

Paolo Salvagione with “String Fountain.”


Jimmy Chion with his kinetic sculpture “Beam.”
From Noa Kaplan’s “Collision” series.
Purin Phanichphant’s “A Machine That Listens.”
Adrien Segal’s “Strata Bench”