Hi. I’m Sarah Brin. I specialize in creative partnerships for tech, games, and entertainment. My projects are visually stunning, playful and appealing to broad audiences.

What I Do:

I have deep experience building and leading teams that bring unprecedented creative technology experiences to life, and I have expertise in designing processes and programs for organizations experiencing rapid growth. I live in London with my big dog, Svenska.

All of my projects showcase creativity in ways that get the public excited and wanting to learn more. I’ve developed and led joint-ventures and partnerships for brands like Sony PlayStation, Rolls Royce, Autodesk, Meow Wolf, the European Union, Microsoft, BBC, Aardman Animation, SFMOMA, Google, and lots more. (My dream is to develop creative partnerships for A24 and/or David Byrne. Let’s talk!)

My work has received a BAFTA nomination, and awards from Creative Producers International, Red Dot, and the International Game Developers Association.

How I Do It:

I’m a business person who specializes in creativity, immersive experiences, and play. I live in multiple worlds; The world where large companies need to meet their KPIs, earn revenue and deliver value for shareholders and the world in which creative processes are constantly evolving and which artists enjoy livelihoods, flexibility and meaningful connections with audiences.

I specialize in interdisciplinary collaborations and perspectives. I have a hybrid background that spans sectors, including Fortune 500 tech companies, governments, games/entertainment studios, AI, arts/cultural organizations, and academia. My background informs my leadership style and approach to projects; I value public legibility, sustainable applications of technology, and fun.

I have rich experience with agile/scrum development processes for web, digital games, AR/VR/XR, mobile, digital fabrication, immersive experiences, and live events.

Here are some job titles and projects I often use to define my practice:

  • Creative Partnerships and Business Development
  • Exec/Sr. Producer/Programme Manager
  • Public Speaker and Coach

Public Speaking and Teaching:

I’ve had the privilege of speaking about design, creativity, and  metaverse leadership at venues worldwide, including SXSW, Eyeo, the Game Developers Conference, British Council Japan, Playable City, and many others. (If you’d like me to come speak at your conference, reach out! I’m especially interested in opportunities in Portugal, South Korea, Singapore, Australia right now.)

I really enjoy teaching. I’ve taught undergraduate and graduate design courses at IT University Copenhagen, and I’ve guest lectured at international universities including the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, the University of Southern California, Falmouth University, Ringling School of Art and Design, and loads more.

What do all these roles have in common? The future, sustainability, and organizational change. I’m excited about developing new and equitable systems for creating groundbreaking creative technology projects, and translating that to growth. Generally, I find myself working with organizations who are in periods of transformation, starting new initiatives, or looking to scale in new ways.

Here’s my CV.

How to Get in Touch:

If you’d like invite me to do a talk or come work with you, please contact Kayla Svensson. You can receive infrequent updates on my projects by signing up here. If you’d like to set up some time to chat about a project, you can do so here. You can also find me on LinkedIn.