Art Museums as Spaces of Digital Play – SXSW

In 2019, I had the privilege of joining Chad Coerver (SFMOMA) and Charles Yust (frog Design) for a SXSW panel about how museums are using play as a way to broaden audiences and explore emerging technologies. You can listen to an audio recording of our discussion here.

Panel description: Many adjectives are ascribed to art museums, but “fun” isn’t usually at the top of the list. Institutions have tended to project authority rather than empathy and emotional connection. However, museums’ aspiration to grow attendance beyond traditional art audiences has begun to create opportunities for playful engagement almost unthinkable a decade ago.

Digital experiences, particularly AR, have played a key role in this development. Focusing on delight, more than didactic forms of education, can have powerful effects on fostering understanding and engagement among visitors of all ages. This panel will examine trends in the field and take a deep dive on findings from the immersive Interpretive Gallery created by SFMOMA and frog in 2018 for the “Magritte: The Fifth Season” exhibition