Meow Wolf Outside

An alternative reality game where players uncover mysteries by exploring public spaces.

Create@Brandeis Living Room Fest

When COVID-19 threatened to disrupt Brandeis' Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts, I helped them pivot to digital.

Meow Wolf Interactive

I led business development and strategic partnerships for Meow Wolf's Interactive division.

Digital Economies Lab

The Digital Economies Lab was a research project focused on new economic models and tools for artists working with technology.

The PlaySFMOMA Mixed Reality Game Jam

In November 2016, I worked with SFMOMA and Google to organize and host a two-weekend Augmented Reality (AR) game jam.

Creative Producers International

In 2017, I received a 3 year fellowship, granted by Watershed and Playable City.

PlaySFMOMA Mixed Reality Pop-Up Arcade

In March of 2017, I worked with SFMOMA to develop a day-long “blended reality” pop-up arcade.


GIFT is an EU-funded research project focused on developing playful experiences connecting visitors to exhibition content.

Pier 9 Artists in Residence Program

Curating art made with 3D-printers, robot arms, waterjet-cutters and much more.


PlaySFMOMA is an initiative that encourages the development of avant-garde and experimental games.

The Market Street Prototyping Festival

A series of musical traffic lights for humans.

The Experimental Research Lab

I co-founded and lab-managed the Experimental Research Lab (ERL) at Autodesk’s Pier 9 Workshop.

BART Gallery

BART Gallery was a completely unofficial exhibition that Coby Unger and I staged on a subway car during rush hour.

Art in Space

I curated the largest art exhibition ever sent to outer space.

Art in Videogames for MOCAtv

I worked with MOCAtv to curate a series about the overlaps and intersections between contemporary art and videogames.

Punk Arcade x Vector Fest at OCAD

Lee Tusman and I brought our traveling exhibition Punk Arcade to the Vector Festival in Toronto.


Over the course of 3 days, I worked with UCLA students to create 9 games, 1 zine, and an outrageous exhibition. 

Horizon at MOCA

An E3 press conference and exhibition for beautiful games.

Ahhhcade at SFMOMA

Ahhhcade: Relaxing games at SFMOMA.

PUNK ARCADE at Little Berlin

Punk Arcade is an exhibition I co-curated with Philadelphia-based artist and curator Lee Tusman.

Dr. Scribb’s Fantastical Card Combinatorium

Dr. Scribb’s Fantastical Card Combinatorium is a collaborative writing game.

Sports! at ZERO1

Sports! is an arcade cabinet I curated for the Zero1 Biennial in San Jose.

The Utopian Kindness Project (Dymaxion Village) at SFMOMA

SFMOMA invited me to create an installation experience inspired by Buckminster Fuller.

USC – Hybrid High’s i4

I worked with No Mimes Media to produce an Alternative Reality Game about STEAM. 


GlitchLab was a migratory organization for participatory new media, with an emphasis on artist-made and experimental games.


Secret City is an Alternative Reality Game I designed with UCLA’s Community Scholars Program.


An anarchist marching band, concerts on a carousel, and a musical pirate encampment.


An exhibition about art and economies.

Speak, Memory

Speak, Memory is a synaesthetic writing workshop for kids ages 8-12.

Spinning Wave: Works by Dafna Gilboa and Hilda Merom

I curated Spinning Wave: Works by Dafna Gilboa and Hilda Merom as part of my directorship at the USC Hillel Art Gallery.

Terraforms: Game Mods at Babycastles

An exhibition of artists’ game mods in New York.

Re:View – A Student Tribute to Selma Holo

Re:View was a portraiture show honoring Dr. Selma Holo, the Director of the Fisher at Museum at USC.

Nice to Meet You: Over

Nice to Meet You: Over was a show about technology, communication, and social awkwardness.

Manifesto! A Participatory Performance Project at LACE

A kids’ writing workshop culminating with bullhorns on Hollywood Boulevard.


Psychogeography! is a workshop for kids ages 8-12, based on the work of Guy Debord and the Situationist International.


I worked as the Programming Coordinator for the Velaslavasay Panorama from August 2009 through November 2010.