PlaySFMOMA is an initiative at the San Francisco Museum of Art that encourages the development of avant-garde and experimental games. Through research projects, workshops, and live game events, the program explores games as a creative medium and a means of audience engagement. PlaySFMOMA provides an arena for artists working in games, and introduces museum audiences to the exciting expressive potential of this medium. The program is partially inspired by research the museum commissioned from me, and prior projects I’ve collaborated on (like Ahhhcade) with the museum’s Head of Interpretive Media, Erica Gangsei. Some of the PlaySFMOMA projects we’ve developed so far include an Augmented Reality game jam using Google Tango, and the Mixed Reality Pop-Up, which coincided with the 2017 Game Developers Conference


GIFT is a EU Horizon 2020-funded project exploring meaningful personalization at cultural institutions. As part of my PhD research at IT University Copenhagen, I work as GIFT’s Action Researcher, which involves collaborating with and coaching a consortium of ten museums as they implement playful experiments intended to deepen visitors’ connections with exhibition content. You can read more about GIFT at the project’s website.

The Market Street Prototyping Festival

As part of my work with Autodesk’s Pier 9 Workshop, I collaborated with several coworkers on Autodesk’s role as Block Captain for the 2015 Market Street Prototyping Festival. Our involvement included coaching several of the 50 project teams throughout their prototyping process, and commissioning Daily Tous Les Jours to create Knock Stop Music, a series of musical traffic lights for humans.

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The Experimental Research Lab

I co-founded and lab manage the Experimental Research Lab at Autodesk’s Pier 9 Workshop, a four-month-long research fellowship supporting experts in fields including technology, design, activism, science, engineering, art, and the humanities.

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BART Gallery

BART Gallery was a completely unofficial exhibition that Coby Unger and I staged on a subway car during rush hour.

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Art in Space

In collaboration with Planet Labs, and the Autodesk Pier 9 Workshop, I curated Art in Space, an exhibition of art laser-etched on satellite panels and launched into outer space.

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Art in Videogames for MOCAtv

I worked with MOCAtv and Prologue Pictures to curate a series of 13 videos about the overlaps and intersections between contemporary art and videogames.

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Punk Arcade x Vector Fest at OCAD

This was the third iteration of Punk Arcade, an iterative exhibition I co-curated with Lee Tusman. We were invited to travel to the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) in Toronto to mount Punk Arcade as part of the Vector Art and Videogame Convergence Festival.

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Punk Arcade at UCLA was a workshop and exhibition I co-created with Lee Tusman and students from UCLA, hosted by the UCLA Game Lab. Building on the Punk Arcade exhibition that Lee and I curated in Philadelphia, the UCLA iteration was a collaborative project in which we created an entire exhibition, including installation design, a publication and most of the artwork, over the course of three days.

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Horizon at MOCA

Horizon is a yearly alternative press conference I’ve been co-curating with Brandon Boyer (of Venus Patrol and the Independent Games Festival) for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles since 2013. We created Horizon as a response to E3, the commercially oriented games expo featured annually in Los Angeles. We wanted to establish an alternative platform for artists to share beautiful, provocative and innovative videogame work. 

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Ahhhcade at SFMOMA

Ahhhcade was a pop-up exhibition I co-curated (working under the name Glitchlab) with the NY-based curatorial collective Babycastles, and Erica Gangsei, the SFMOMA’s Manager of  Interpretive Media.

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PUNK ARCADE at Little Berlin

Punk Arcade is an exhibition I co-curated with Philadelphia-based artist and curator Lee Tusman.

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Dr. Scribb’s Fantastical Card Combinatorium

Dr. Scribb’s Fantastical Card Combinatorium is a collaborative writing game I co-designed with Jeff Watson and Simon Wiscombe. Combinatorium encourages players to embrace limitations as a tool for creativity, while placing dual emphases on both literary process and content.

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Sports! at ZERO1

Sports! is an arcade cabinet I curated for Cooperative Gaming Co-Op at the Zero1 Biennial in San Jose. I wanted to work with digital athleticism for several reasons, one being that videogames are stereotypically thought of as a pasttime for dorky “indoor kids.” While contemporary gaming is far less stigmatized than it was twenty years ago, the darkened space of an arcade would be an unlikely spot to find a star quarterback. And yet, games like Track and Field (1983), Hyper Sports (1984), Punch-Out (1984) and Atari Football(1978) were conducive to a specific type of spectatorship, and in turn, generated a brand of social capital through high scores. For some, the arcade context provided a sense of belonging that many players lacked in the outside world.

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The Utopian Kindness Project (Dymaxion Village) at SFMOMA

After speaking on a panel at SFMoMA for their exhibition ArtGameLab, the museum invited me back tocreate an installation in conjunction with their exhibition The Utopian Impulse: Buckminster Fuller and the Bay Area.

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GlitchLab is a migratory organization for participatory new media, with an emphasis on artist-made and experimental games.

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“Secret City” is an alternative reality game I co-designed in collaboration with UCLA’s Community Scholars Program. Set in Los Angeles’ MacArthur Park, “Secret City” is meant to heighten players’ sensitivities to site-specific issues including psychogeography, gentrification, cinema histories, and spatial justice.

Click through for photos, links, and to read more about the game.

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As part of my graduate internship with Machine Project, I project-managed Machine’s three installations at Glow, an all-night cultural experience that re-imagines Santa Monica Beach as a playground for thoughtful and participatory artworks.

Working with curators Chris Kallmyer, Emily Lacy, and Laura Steenberge, I facilitated the planning and execution of Nautical Music Encampment, Carousel Concerts, and Wandering Musicians: Killsonic for the 2010 iteration of Glow.

Click through for photos and video.

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Work After Work was the culmination of the two-year curatorial program I attended at the University of Southern California. I co-curated the show in collaboration with my graduate cohort.

Focusing on the premise of artistic labor, the exhibition featured work by Michael Asher, Eternal Telethon, Andrea Fraser, Alex Israel, Sharon Lockhart, Yvonne Rainer, State of the Arts, Kenneth Tam, Anton Vidokle, and Carey Young.

Work After Work ran from April 28 to May 8, 2011 at the Garage Top at the Mackey Apartment Building, MAK Center for Art and Architecture in Los Angeles.

Click through for the press release and other documentation.

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Speak, Memory

Speak, Memory is a synaesthetic writing workshop for kids ages 8-12. So far, I’ve taught at 826LA in Echo Park, CA and the Armand Hammer Museum in Westwood, CA. It’s a multisensory workshop that incorporates music, color, sensory deprivation and cookies.

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Spinning Wave: Works by Dafna Gilboa and Hilda Merom

I curated Spinning Wave: Works by Dafna Gilboa and Hilda Merom as part of my directorship at the USC Hillel Art Gallery. The show featured paintings by Gilboa and sculptures by Merom. Spinning Wave ran from February 27th to April 24th, 2011.


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Terraforms: Game Mods at Babycastles

Terraforms: Game Mods at Babycastles is a show I co-curated with Zach Gage for Babycastles when it inhabited the Chashama space in Midtown Manhattan. The show ran for a week, starting on January 20th, 2011.

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Re:View – A Student Tribute to Selma Holo

Re:View was a portraiture show honoring Dr. Selma Holo, the Director of the Fisher at Museum at USC. I curated the show at USC Hillel’s art gallery, where I served as the Director for the 2010-2011 school year. The show ran from November 11, 2010 to February 16, 2011. The opening reception featured remarks from Dr. Holo as well as from Rochelle Steiner, Dean of the USC Roski School of Fine Arts.

Click through to see the curatorial statement, images, and press release.

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Nice to Meet You: Over

Nice to Meet You: Over is a multi-site exhibition I curated with Jennifer Lieu, Melinda Guillen, and Zemula Barr. The exhibition ran from April 17-22, 2010 and was staged at both Workspace in Highland Park, CA and RAID Projects in Boyle Heights, CA.

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Manifesto! A Participatory Performance Project at LACE

Manifesto! is a two-stage project I co-curated with Shelly Cho and Jessica Yang on April 10th and April 18th, 2010. The project was orchestrated in collaboration with the non-profit literacy organization 826LA and LACE’s exhibition Art Against Empire, featuring work by the Center for the Study of Political Graphics.

Click through for project description and documentation.

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Psychogeography! is a workshop for kids ages 8-12, based on the work of Guy Debord and the Situationist International. I taught the workshop for the Armand Hammer Museum of Art in Westwood, California, in collaboration with 826LA.

Click through to see the workshop description and links.

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I worked as the Programming Coordinator for the Velaslavasay Panorama from August 2009 through November 2010. Located in West Adams, California, the Panorama facilities include a theater, exhibition space, exotic garden, and Effulgence of the North-a 360 degree installation of the Arctic, with a subtly shifting cycle of light and sound.

While at the Panorama, I coordinated the production for a range of screenings, lectures, and performances.

Click through for images and other documentation.

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