Ahhhcade at SFMOMA

Ahhhcade: Relaxing games at SFMOMA.

Ahhhcade was a pop-up exhibition I co-curated (working under the name Glitchlab) with the NY-based curatorial collective Babycastles, and Erica Gangsei, the SFMOMA’s Manager of  Interpretive Media.

Ahhhcade coincided with the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC), which took place right across the street from the museum, at the Moscone Convention Center. Our curatorial team wanted to counteract the often hectic, branded and overstimulating expo hall by creating a mellow and contemplative space where conference-goers (and members of the public) could relax and unwind. Ahhhcade featured an array of multimedia work, including:

Guru Meditation by Ian Bogost

Panoramical by Fernando Ramallo

Everything is Dolphins by Ray Weiss

Gardens of Mutazione by Doug Wilson

Soundself by Robin Arnott

Fireplace by Ted Martens


Ahhhcade at the San Francisco MOMA (Infinite Lives)

AHHHCADE! Experimental Art Games to Inspire Relaxation and Cooperation at SFMOMA! (Rev3)

Rich Lemarchand also made this very nice Vine of Gardens of Mutazione.

All photos courtesy of Chris Brennan unless stated otherwise. More photos available here.


ahhhcade team

doug colors

doug green

everything is dolphins group

soundself still