Over the course of 3 days, I worked with UCLA students to create 9 games, 1 zine, and an outrageous exhibition. 

Punk Arcade at UCLA was a workshop and exhibition I co-created with Lee Tusman and students from UCLA, hosted by the UCLA Game Lab. Building on the Punk Arcade exhibition that Lee and I curated in Philadelphia, the UCLA iteration was a collaborative project in which we created an entire exhibition, including installation design, a publication and most of the artwork, over the course of three days.

The workshop started with a brief art historical lecture that emphasized the themes of the exhibition: DIY communities, minimalist aesthetics, rapid prototyping and dissidence against authoritative structures. Students then broke up into design groups based on the themes that appealed to them, including groups for exhibition design and the publication. After an exhausting three days of work, the workshop culminated in an exhibition and accompanying publication.

Featured Works:

Beat Down by David Elliot, Peter Lu, Alex Rickett

Fromage à Trois by Chris Reilly, Alex Rickett, Khalil Klouche

Distribution of Wealth by Michael Wilde

HollaPain Yo! by Alex Rickett, Amanda Ho, John Brumley, Steven Amrhein

Rasputin Consulting Ageny by Simon Wiscombe

#Selfie Control by John Brumley

Glitter Bomb by Alejandro Quan-Madrid

Abandoned Arcade Shelter by Phil Scott

Exhibition Design by Phil Scott and Lauren Mahon

Zine Design by Lily Zhou (you can download the zine here.)

Exhibition “Box Art” and Poster by Sean McOmber

beat down

gallery exterior EDA

holla pain yo and exhib view

PA exterior

punk arcade performance


wilde punk arcade