Art in Space

I curated the largest art exhibition ever sent to outer space.

In collaboration with Planet Labs, and the Autodesk Pier 9 Workshop, I curated Art in Space, an exhibition of art laser-etched on satellite panels and launched into outer space.While there have been several other instances of art being launched into outer space, Art in Space is the largest art exhibition to be deployed from the International Space Station and enter Earth’s orbit. The project includes works by Alex Glowaski, Audrey Love, Eric Forman, JoeJoe Martin, Reza Ali, Scott Kildall and Shalom Ormsby.

I co-wrote Instructable about how we put the exhibition together, and there’s a neat video about the project. We celebrated the satellite deployment with a terrestrial celebration of the project at the Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland, California. The reception featured replicas of the satellite art, a laser light show, and telescope viewings. We caught some nice coverage from The Creators Project, too.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 10.04.45 AM
Here’s one of Planet Labs’ laser-etched satellites.
Attendees checking out the event at Chabot.
Q&A event with the artists.
Artist Shalom Ormsby and his family alongside his laser-etched panels.
I think I’m hyping everyone up for the laser light show here.