The Experimental Research Lab

I co-founded and lab-managed the Experimental Research Lab (ERL) at Autodesk’s Pier 9 Workshop.

The ERL was a four-month-long research fellowship supporting experts in fields including technology, design, activism, science, engineering, art, and the humanities. I developed this project in collaboration with the artist Morehshin Allahyari.

In February 2016, Pier 9 welcomed the first cohort of the Experimental Research Lab, a new fellowship program that brings together experts from different areas of expertise to embed at Pier 9 and create accessible, future-facing, and research-based work. The inaugural project was Situated Systems, an experimental collaborative site-specific research project which explores the industrial and military history of San Francisco, and its role in shaping the region’s contemporary technology industry’s culture and products.  The team members included Deborah Chachra, Georgina Voss, Ingrid Burrington and Sherri Wasserman.

Situated Systems continues to function as a public engagement project that incorporates digital fabrication tools both as part of the research process, and to transform the research itself into physical outputs. Process and outputs are shared publicly with a diverse set of audiences via a portfolio of objects, documentation, and events. For more information on the team and to see their excellent work, visit their website at Situated.Systems.


The team made shirts reflecting key themes within the project.


The project included an interactive map highlighting relevant research sites.


Port of Oakland


The team produced two excellent, beautifully-illustrated zines. The zines can be printed on paper or laser-etched.