Digital Economies Lab

The Digital Economies Lab was a research project focused on new economic models and tools for artists working with technology.

The Digital Economies Lab (DEL) was a project founded and supported by ArtEngine, an art and technology organization based in Ottawa. I served on the DEL advisory committee, alongside Jeremy Bailey and Jen Hunter. Other partners on the DEL project include HOLO Magazine. DEL is generously supported by the Digital Strategy Fund at the Canada Council for the Arts.

I care deeply about research questions posed by the project, which included:

  • How can artists make a place for themselves in the digital context of Canada or the world itself?
  • ​How might an artist might multiply themselves so they can get more done?
  • How could you start a collective made up of more bots than people?
  • How we might build more creative relationships with monetization?
  • But perhaps most importantly, how we can get technology to help make artists’ lives a little less precarious?

You can learn more about the Digital Economies Lab and the project outcomes here.